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The 2016 conference was held at the Langham Hotel, Auckland. The extended programme included our highly regarded Quality Symposium as a pre-conference day.

REFLECT, RENEW, REPLENISH - MATE ATU HE TETEKURA, ARA MAI HE TETEKURA (When one frond dies another frond rises)

General practice is heading into a brave new world – non-communicable diseases, changes in demographics and workforce issues are driving us towards change. Many practices are adopting new strategies and approaches to their patient and whanau relationships. We encourage and welcome all in-practice and external healthcare providers, customers and other stakeholders to consider sharing their experiences and expectations.

Latest Information

  • Updated programme with linked presentations will be available by 09/08/16
  • To access all conference abstracts, please click here
  • Information regarding photos taken at the conference (including fellowship) will be available by Friday 05/08/16