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Stafford Murray - Facilitator

Innovation Manager

Since January 2017 Stafford has been Innovation Manager at HPSNZ. Prior to that he was the Head of Performance Analysis, Biomechanics and Skill Acquisition at the English Institute of Sport from 2002. Stafford took the disciplines from 0 to 40+ staff members over that time; overseeing the provision and development of interventions to all key Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Sports. As a practitioner Stafford delivered Performance Analysis services to numerous elite sports over a 20-year period (Including South African Cricket, Welsh Rugby and Football, England Squash, McLaren F1 racing and numerous Olympic and Commonwealth Sports) at some 23 World Championships, 5 Commonwealth Games and 4 Olympic Games. He has also consulted to Qatar Aspire, ECB, Shell Oil and Cisco Communications

During that tenure Stafford was also seconded as Team Leader for the England Squash Team in Delhi CWG's 2010, Head of the Team GB analysis service at London 2012 Games, one of the leaders of the Lion's Den for Team England at the Glasgow 2014 Games, Head of Team GB Analysis at Rio 2016 and Performance Lead to 5 Olympic and Paralympic Sports (quality assuring and managing all sports science service provision to these sports). 

Stafford has published extensively in the area of Coaching and Analysis of sport (40+ peer reviewed papers, 7 book chapters, 1 authored book and multiple sports science / coaching magazine features), mainly in the areas of perturbations, profiling in elite sport and applied sports science provision.


Ed Lodge

Managing Director

Ed, is the founder of CSx. Prior to his involvement with technology start-ups, his background was in physiotherapy and sports medicine working with elite athletes and international rugby teams. This background is core to the CSx development ensuring that products are developed with the end user in mind. 

Prior to founding CSx, Ed developed other technology concepts and start-ups including an altitude simulation company in NZ and the US (working with leading Nike trainers, Athletes, Velocity Sports Performance and Special Forces members) and Wearable Tech with E2.

About CSx:

CSx offers cloud based concussion assessment software delivered via an app called Headguard. Just like a stethoscope or Blood Pressure cuff, CSx is a measurement tool that can be used when an athlete/individual suffers an incident that can affect brain health. Headguard enables the assessment of cognitive health from the time of suspected concussion through to recovery and return to play, using a smart device with general or customised protocols. Launched in partnership with World Rugby at the 2015 Rugby World Cup, providing Head Injury Assessment software to all the teams. Since the World Cup CSx now provides Headguard to all Elite level rugby competitions globally as well as other sports like NRL and England Cricket. Headguard is now launching a non elite version enabling all athletes, no matter the sport, access to track their brain health.

CSx Head Positioning System is a wearable sensor designed to record all head accelerations. The initial version is a patch that is worn behind the ear. This gives direct contact to the head with no helmet needed, so ensuring that the sensor can be used in any sport. A new version is being finalised incorporating the sensor technology into mouth guards. The use of the sensor technology is not for diagnostics. It is used as a tool to inform that an event has happened that could be a concussion which provides the side-line medical team with more information.


Ian Taylor

Animation Research Limited

Ian Taylor is the founder and CEO of Animation Research Ltd. An interesting journey has brought Ian from a small village on the East Coast of the North Island, where he was brought up in a house without electricity, through a career as a singer in a rock band in the 60's, a stint in the army, a law degree at Otago University, and finally ending up working in television in Dunedin where he still resides and where he founded Animation Research Ltd.

About Animation Research Ltd:

Animation Research Ltd is the Dunedin based company that pioneered real time, 3D graphical analytics in the America's Cup back in 1992. ARL's sports division, Virtual Eye, delivers it's 3D graphics across a range of sports that include 30 of the European Tour's top golf tournaments, The Masters, The Open Championship, The PGA Championship, the Ryder Cup and, back home, the NZ Open. Other sports that have used VE technologies include the Volvo Ocean Race, Nascar, F1, the World Rally,  International Test cricket and Red Bull Extreme Sports. In 2013 ARL won an Emmy Award for it's America's Cup Mobile App and has been nominated this year for another Emmy for it's latest golf graphics technology called Flightline.


Jamie Tout

VX Sport

Jamie has near 20 years of experience in the sport and fitness industry. For the last 15 years he has worked alongside professional athletes and coaches in some of the world's toughest competitions as a strength and conditioning coach. He founded XLR8 Sports Training in 2004 to deliver coaching and sports training solutions internationally through a series of online training programs. In 2008, Jamie was introduced to Richard Snow through High Performance Sport New Zealand. Having worked across 8 of New Zealand's national sports programs, it left him well placed to consult on technologies role in modern sport. Jamie is the current strength and conditioning coach for the NZ Rugby Referees and NZ Women's Rugby team. Day to day, Jamie's role in VX Sport is working with other Strength and Conditioning Coaches on how VX Sport data can be used in monitoring training, games and its application to programming, along with the 'innovation of integration', working with other technology partners to find cohesive links to the 'numbers'. For further information please click here.

Sport Performance Statement: 

Made and owned in New Zealand. World leading teams use VX Sport to drive performance decision-making and create a culture of accountability. Those teams in New Zealand include the National Rugby Union, Rugby League, Football and Hockey programs. The VX System combines the tracking of physical data through the use of GPS, Heart Rate and Inertial Movement Sensors, with athlete readiness data to empower coaches, optimize athlete performance and reduce injuries. A recent study conducted by the NZ Defence Forces showed that our system reduced injuries by 36% as a result of more effectively managing workloads in new recruits. VX Sport is involved at multiple levels of sport including professional competitions, broadcast solutions and the use of sports technology in schools.


Kelly Sheerin

AUT Sports Performance Research Institute 
Lecturer & Researcher

Kelly is a sports biomechanist and registered Physiotherapist with a research and clinical interest in injury prevention, particularly in the sport of running. Kelly lectures to students at Auckland University of Technology's School of Sport and Recreation is also the Manager of the Sports Performance Clinics, based at AUT Millennium. In this role he overseas the sport science support services offered to high performing and developing athletes.

Kelly has a Masters degree in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, including research in 3D running biomechanics. He is currently completing his PhD in the area of real-time feedback in runners at risk of tibial stress fracture under the Sports Performance Research Institute NZ (SPRINZ). He is also involved in a wide array of other research related to sports injury prevention.

Sport Performance Statement:

Sports biomechanists and bio-engineers around the world discretely specialise in the areas of static and dynamic; motion capture, anthropometry, body composition and biological imaging (e.g. MRI) techniques, no group has successfully integrated multiple modalities to establish the complete internal and external biological profile of an athlete. The future and next major developmental advance in sports bio-engineering and biomechanics lies in our ability to establish a comprehensive integrated biological imaging and motion capture toolkit. This information can then be used to model the athlete in the field  and provide higher level feedback.         


Kerri McMaster

Performance Lab

Kerri is a co-founder of the Performance Lab, she drives the transformation of unique intellectual property into a scalable and profitable business.  With 25 years heading a health management and sports science business, Kerri has designed world class systems to scale successful exercise engagement. Intensely focussed on satisfying user expectations and delivering unexpected delightful user experience, her vision ensures Performance Lab's products brings to life a personal assistant for exercise in ARDA AI Coaching software engines. 

Sport Performance Statement:

Performance Lab develops proprietary algorithms and software platforms for fitness and health applications that assist in improving athletes performance. 


Kylie Robinson

Igtimi Ltd

Kylie is one of the co-founders of Igtimi Ltd; a company specialising in producing comprehensive tracking and recording systems. For the past 9 years Kylie and her team have worked on innovative technical solutions which are predominately supplied to high performance sports institutions and the entertainment industry. During this time a particular group of customers has emerged in the Sailing and Kayaking disciplines. Igtimi designs and creates bespoke hardware and software under the YachtBot brand to help coaches and analysts boost their athletes' performance and keeps spectators involved when watching events. As CEO Kylie has lead several high tech innovative projects; an example of one such project was the presence of WindBot (a wind system) that the New Zealand sailing coaches operated at the Rio Olympics in 2016.  

Sport Performance Statement: 

Under the brand YachtBot, Igtimi provide products (both hardware & software) that are manufactured in New Zealand, which coaches and athletes alike employ to assist in the analysis of performance to provide valuable feedback for improvements when training. In addition these same products provide a solution to engage and increase spectator involvement during events with real time visualisation of competitors' physical location.    


Simon Baker

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Simon is a tech entrepreneur with extensive business technology experience, who is passionate about the world's second most popular sport, cricket. Combining his expertise and passion he founded CricHQ and has grown a team of like-minded sports and technology experts, driven by the company's vision

About CricHQ: 

CricHQ is the world's largest digital platform for cricket, making cricket better for everyone by providing mobile enabled cricket administration, data and content management tools and CRM capability for cricket organisations. CricHQ's customers include 53 out of 105 national governing bodies, 350 associations, thousands of leagues, tournaments, clubs, schools, teams and millions of players, coaches, parents, administrators and of course fans.     


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